Karina Honey has engaged the support of agencies various times throughout her successful career as an ICT Manager and contract specialist. 

A recent positive experience with Davidson’s Technology's Nicholas Leong and Elliot Price Tripcony resulted in Karina sending them a beautiful edible bouquet, as a way of thanks for finding her the right role and for their support throughout the process.   

Karina has had mixed experiences when working with agency staff in the past, sometimes feeling that “either the conscious or unconscious bias of the consultants I have encountered have meant I have not been deemed appropriate for roles because I may not be the gender or age they were expecting to shortlist for a particular company."

"Once a recruiter said they had forwarded my CV to a company where I already had some connections. When I checked in with someone at the company a few weeks later, as I had heard nothing, they confirmed that they had never received the CV and were very keen to have me on board when they knew I was looking. I was very unimpressed.”

“On the flip-side, I have had some really positive experiences and that is why I wanted to send Nicholas and Elliot a gift of thanks for their supportive, friendly and transparent approach while supporting me into a Business IT Systems role within the public sector here in QLD. Both Nicholas and Elliot took the time to listen to what I was really looking for and then found me the perfect fit. The process was fast and I never felt like I was just a number. An amazing experience!”

Elliot Price Tripcony and Nicholas Leong are part of the QLD Davidson Technology team, and part of the wider Davidson organisation, which offers consulting, recruitment and transformation solutions nationwide. Davidson is one of Australia's largest privately owned consulting companies.

“As a workplace performance and consulting company, we take our roles very seriously,” Nicholas identifies that, “we take on a great responsibility every time we work with a candidate or a client, as we are committed to changing people’s lives." says Nicholas

"Where people choose to work has a real impact on their lives and the lives of their families."

"Karina was such a pleasure to work with, and it is always rewarding to find someone the right role at the right time. It is also great to be able to present gender diverse shortlists and champion women in leadership, especially in the technology space,” says Elliot.

The whole Davidson team wish Karina all the best in her new role. What a wonderful surprise to receive a personal gift of thanks.

Nicholas and Elliot with their edible gift!

You can contact Elliot Price Tripcony or Nicholas Leong in the Davidson Brisbane office on 07 3023 1000 or via email. 

elliot.pricetripcony@davidsonwp.com or nicholas.leong@davidsonwp.com

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