What’s happening in the Australian Corporate Recruitment market?

There is a real feeling of buoyancy and optimism across the Corporate Recruitment market going into the new year. We are seeing clear pockets of growth in key industry sectors and in all capital cities.

Strong candidates with professional qualifications, technical skills and industry experience are in regular demand across the board.

In the Brisbane market we are seeing a number of large corporates in restructure mode, reassessing their role types, reporting structures and span of control. This provides great opportunities for some candidates while others find themselves looking for a new opportunity when they were not expecting the change. Medium and large businesses are focusing more and more on analytical positions where the employee adds value to the business through their skills and insights.

In the Digital Marketing space we are seeing a skills shortage of quality candidates with industry and comprehensive digital experience. This can create a bidding war for talent and generally sets a high expectation for the successful candidate. This is particularly evident in the Brisbane market and to a lesser extent in Sydney and Melbourne where demand is high but candidate supply is more abundant.

Where are the growth areas?

Growth is steady in the Not-For-Profit and Health sectors. The Financial Services sector is  continuing to experience restructures, opening up the market to good quality candidates to enter.

Sales skills are always in demand. Sales leaders with proven capability and business development skills are sought after across most sectors.

Professional Services and Retail sectors are showing growth. However, no growth can compare to the Digital Marketing space where customer experience, content and optimisation are key skills in high demand.

Sources of Industry information

Staying abreast of industry trends and news is the cornerstone to being a trusted advisor to our clients. Online subscriptions are a popular way to keep up to date and allow you to access information anywhere, any time. Here are a few of our preferred resources:

Marketing: AdNews , Marketing Magazine  and B&T

Accounting and Finance: In-the-black

General: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland have an outstanding series of podcasts for SME clients to enjoy and also really interesting blog series.

Inside Small Business is one of our favourites, a regular column written by our own Michael Simonyi is a must read!

An Upcoming Industry Event to look out for:

The Family Business Australia Chairman’s lunch is held in November, Davidson Senior Consultant Michael Simonyi and Practice Leader Brian Cunningham are hosting a table and have nominated one of our valued clients to be inducted into the “FBA Hall of Fame”. This is a really special occasion which allows us to learn more about the goals of the FBA and also the challenges that face our SME community in general.


Lisa Kay is the Group Manager for Davidson Corporate.