No one likes to make employees redundant. Help your employees on the way out by providing a tailored career transition program.

Career change is a very unsettling time for most individuals especially when it is not by choice and occurs through a redundancy program.

When this happens, individuals are more likely to feel anxiety, feel a sense of reluctance, seek structure, require routine and need additional support from a range of sources in order to work their way through the situation.

This is where organisations and leaders need to not only show empathy to the individuals they are exiting from the business but also demonstrate a duty of care for their employees’ wellbeing.

Navigating the job market and making a career transition is challenging enough in good times and with the impact of COVID-19 on the broader business climate in 2020, now more than ever individuals are needing support to help them in moving to the next phase for their career and life. Given this, it is fundamental that individuals be given the correct level of assistance to help guide and navigate the job market environment.

With more businesses downsizing and fewer job opportunities being presented in the current climate, individuals are needing to be targeted and precise in their job search process. 

Our experience with partnering with many leading organisations providing a range of tailored career transition services, has provided us the insight to know that individuals who have the correct support, are given the rights tools and who feel they have routine and structure in their job search process have better overall levels of wellness, feel more confident in their job seeking endeavors and find new opportunities faster than their counterparts.

As a leader, it is important you are helping people with their next step as they exit the business and a quality career transition program can be a major enabler for people to get back into work sooner.

A good career transition program assists individuals learn the skills required to present themselves well to new potential employers, provides a constant anchor point for reflection and discussion and helps to create the momentum necessary for successfully outcomes to occur. Partnering with a business who are specialists in the marketplace not only ensures your exiting employees are being looked after but also that your current employees see the business creating a ‘care factor’ for past employees.

In a rapidly changing work environment, identifying new roles and opportunities across growth employment sectors is imperative. Our experienced career coaches are qualified and the specialists when it comes to  assisting individuals to  navigate the new world of employment opportunities. Utilizing best practice, current research in combination with our  extensive database,  we are able to  identify real opportunities and future-proof careers.

To learn more about how the Davidson PXP team can assist your organisation in supporting exiting employees, please get in touch with Natalie Knight or Cameron Norton.