Davidson EX were recently engaged by Queensland Corrective Services to provide a clear evidence-based insight into the actions required to improve their people’s experience at work


Duncan McKellar, the Executive Director HR at Queensland Corrective Services, describes this large organisation as one “which provides an essential frontline public safety function for Queenslanders.  Every day our staff work closely with some of Queensland’s most challenging people, who struggle and often fail to cope with life’s significant hurdles.  Our workforce faces intellectual, emotional and, at times, physical demands daily.  The Queensland Government’s Working for Queensland employee opinion survey [run on Qualtrics EXM] is one opportunity to understand how our people are affected by their work.”

Duncan chose to partner with Davidson EX to create a clear action plan for improving employee engagement across the organisation.  

“Davidson EX cut through the volume and complexity of information available from the Working for Queensland employee opinion survey and provided us with clear evidence-based insights into our potential to improve our people’s experience at work.”

“We believe that lifting employee engagement is an essential first step to co-designing workplaces and a culture that can continue to improve satisfaction at work and outcomes for Queenslanders.”

“Davidson EX provided us with the insights and the tools required for a succinct and carefully targeted engagement of our leaders, and a strong foundation for an agency-wide priority plan.”

Duncan goes on to say that, “Davidson EX helped us see past the differences in our workforce and focus on our shared strengths, opportunities and challenges.  This has become the foundation for local action, participation, and leadership which are all critical to achieving cultural reform at the frontline.”

Philip Bayne-Jardine, National Manager with Davidson EX identifies that “Research is showing us clearly that businesses using employee experience as a lever to drive innovation, attract and hire the best people, increase customer satisfaction, make work more engaging, and enhance workplace performance. However, for companies to take this experience first approach they must first define their unique EX and then embed and measure this throughout the talent lifecycle from attraction, selection, performance through to transition. It is the consistent EX that binds people to the organisation, that motivates individuals to go the extra mile, and creates high performing teams that achieve breakthrough outcomes.

By partnering with the leading global experience management software of Qualtrics and our own local expert team of consultants, psychologists, and tech specialists, Davidson EX helps businesses define, design and implement their EX measurement strategy, and take a data led approach to making their people their competitive advantage.”

As Australia's only fully accredited EX Consulting and Implementation Partner for Qualtrics, Davidson are experts at creating world class EX measurement programs designed to enhance workplace performance for our clients.

“We partner with Qualtrics to design employee experiences that deliver back to the bottom line with world-class technology and expert consulting to help every employee succeed and contribute to your success”

Author Jacob Morgan (The employee experience advantage)

Says “The ROI of investing in employee experience is significant and translates into higher productivity, profit, and revenue per employee, stock price performance, and much more. We all deserve to work for an organization that invests in the employee experience!”

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