We are fortunate to have Katharina Kalb participating in a three-month recruitment internship in our Melbourne office. Katharina is rotating through three of our Melbourne key teams and is currently working with our Melbourne Digital and Software Development team.

Now at the midway point of her internship, I sat down with Katharina to explore her experiences with Davidson Technology so far and her thoughts on recruitment.

How are you enjoying your time at Davidson Technology and what are your first impressions of the office?

Well, firstly the office itself is quite impressive. It is high up in a building in the centre of Melbourne and has a great view. Everybody has a really comfortable and big working space with at least two big screens. This is my first time working across two screens and I am impressed by how convenient that is. I am happy about the friendly atmosphere in the office and how well everybody is working together within a team and across teams. All my co-workers have made me feel welcome and helped me get on with my tasks and finding my way around the office.

Is your Recruitment Internship what you expected it would be like?

No, it is absolutely not what I expected it would be like. I had limited understanding of how recruiters operate except for the job advertisements I have seen on Seek. I also thought I would have to watch my colleagues getting on with their work and may learn something by observing them carefully. The internship is so much more than I expected. It’s been really hands-on and I am being taught the importance of what a recruiter does and why.

Are you enjoying the work and is there anything you have found to be particularly interesting?

I am finding everything I have been doing so far quite interesting. I have learnt so many new skills and I have especially enjoyed observing the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

Do you feel rewarded for the work you are doing for us?

Absolutely. My colleagues have really made me feel appreciated and my contribution to the different teams has been very rewarding. I have learnt a lot of new things and all my colleagues have taken the time to teach me new skills. Things I didn’t expect was being invited to the Melbourne Cup by the company, attending lunches and I even received a Myer gift voucher in appreciation for my work.

What have you learnt about the Technology industry and is there an area that you feel most connected with?

Davidson Technology internI have learnt how all the roles we work on here at Davidson Technology are connected to each other. For example, we are filling roles for Programmers and Software Developers who enhance and create new products. User Experience Designers and Product Designers ensure that the end product is easy to use. A great user experience makes it more attractive for Cloud and Tech Salespeople to sell their products, and Service Desk Analysts help employees use these products correctly. Finally, the data accessible through these products enables Digital Strategists and Digital Marketers to gain better insights into who their customers are and what they want. At Davidson Technology, we recruit all the key roles of the cycle.

I am fascinated with the Technology industry because of its fast pace and all the new technologies that change the market every year. In 2017, technology is dominating strategic priorities of companies in every sector from not-for-profit organisations to international financial institutions. This requires individuals with a vast amount of experience and a wide range of qualifications in the latest technology. I feel most connected with emerging markets and identifying what key staff will be required.

At Davidson Technology, we believe in creating career highlights. What do you think is the key takeaway from this internship that will support your future career opportunities?

Well, I discovered what it is I want to do – recruitment! After finishing my post-graduate degree, I knew a lot about Industrial Management which I studied and all the different areas contributing to the success of a company. What I had no idea about was what it was actually like to work in this area. The internship has given me insights into how recruiters operate and what a typical workday looks like. I have found something I really want to do in my future.

Choosing a career is an important decision and I do not want to get it wrong as working is a big part of life. I really want to do something I am passionate about. Knowing what I want to do and having gained experience in the field is definitely the key-takeaway of this internship. I am sure this will enhance my career opportunities. I also feel more confident applying for jobs now because I have seen the application process from the perspective of a recruiter and have learnt what they expect from applicants.

What would be your advice for future interns at Davidson Technology?

Listen and learn from your colleagues – even when they don’t realise you are listening! Listen to them in action and learn from their different styles to understand why they select candidates for jobs. Ask many questions – everybody will be happy to explain what they are doing. Listen in on their candidate calls and observe their screening techniques. I strongly recommend attending in-house interviews to learn how your colleagues make candidates feel at ease and talk truthfully about their career perspectives.

Liz Ebeli is a Practice Leader – Software Development and Digital at Davidson Technology