Offshoring + cost minimisation + aging workforce = increased competition in the job market.

And it is only going to get more competitive.

Now dubbed Generation Jobless, our young adults are feeling the impact of this new market.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released showed “the youth jobless rate was double the unemployment rate, with 12.2 per cent of 15 to 24 year olds looking for work” (Sydney Morning Herald). This equates to 257,000 young Australians unemployed.

And they are not alone.

Skilled professionals in all domains are feeling the pressure of increased competition for employment opportunities. In particular, we have seen a wider strata of qualified candidates all vying for the same limited number of opportunities available in market.

So, when faced with a job market that has no room for average, how do we set ourselves apart from other candidates that may be more qualified?

As outlined by Caris Thetford, the critical question you must ask yourself is: What sets me apart?

You must ask this honestly and objectively in light of the current state of play.

Yes, you may have updated your resume, perfected your cover letter and prepared your references … but so has the majority of other candidates.

Ticking these traditional boxes do not set you apart from the competition, they are simply the cost to enter the game!

Thetford has outlined some examples of what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

These include:

  1. Submit a ‘Pain Letter’
  2. Connect with an insider
  3. Showcase your skills
  4. Demonstrate your value
  5. Ask bold questions

If you truly want to compete for that amazing opportunity, then get ahead of the crowd! Go beyond the average response and truly showcase yourself.

Stacey Blanch is a National Business Development Manager in Davidson Consulting and HR Solutions