To ensure we are at the forefront of the industry and have a comprehensive understanding on what is happening in Australia’s business world, we often conduct our own research documents and papers.

We recently partnered with the CPA Public Sector Discussion Group and held a presentation titled The Future World of Work: A Survivor’s Guide.  As part of the event with guest speaker Rob Davidson, a suggested reading list was created listing follow up research and tips to becoming future fit.

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We were proud to partner with Queensland University of Technology Business School to produce an insightful look at the future of work and what it means for businesses. As part of the research, focus groups were held with a cross-section of industry representatives of the Queensland business community.

The result: an in-depth look at what business people really think about the future of work and what long-term planning needs to be done.

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The Future of Work QUT report cover

A snapshot of the findings. 

What Australian businesses really think about the future (6)