Screening & Assessment

Screening & Assessment

Along with our HR Solutions offer, Davidson uses multi-dimensional tailored screening and assessment strategies to attract the best talent.


Thirty per cent of all placements made by Davidson come through referrals. We have such a high success rate with referrals by no accident. We have been developing our referral strategy for over 21 years.

Davidson database

Our internal database contains over 250,000 screened and assessed candidates that are effectively coded and regularly contacted by our team of micro-specialists.

Targeted search and research

Our research team consists of qualified researchers and assistants and is headed by an industry expert who can help to inform the screening and assessment process.

Industry networks

We maintain memberships with numerous industry and professional associations. These networks enable us to identify and approach passive job seekers suitable to your organisation.

Industry knowledge

Our team of micro-specialists use networks and industry press to stay abreast of developments within their areas of specialisation on a local, national and international level. This allows us to network whilst screening and assessing candidates.


We use structured campaigns to attract candidates for ongoing, hard to fill or high-volume roles. This approach is particularly useful when constructing new teams and work units from scratch. Davidson employs staff who have extensive experience around the recruitment of large, high-volume projects

Social media channels

We actively utilise LinkedIn (Recruiter) and Twitter to build an additional pipeline of qualified passive talent that may be of interest to you. We also have the capacity to access several external databases (in excess of 2.5 million passive candidates Australia wide and some 8 million from overseas locations – mainly English-speaking countries).

Print media advertising

We consistently find this to be an excellent method of accessing high-calibre candidates and positioning a client’s brand within the market.

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