Our Recruitment Framework

Our recruitment framework to source forward-thinking leaders is an advanced version of behavioural interviewing and assessment, with a strong focus on performance outcomes at every step in the recruitment process.

We ensure your specific objectives are clearly defined through in-depth briefings, and our methodology reduces margin for risk through the process. We enable clients to access a unique network of local and international talent but the true magic comes from overlaying our processes, networks and science with the intuition that only comes from experienced, mature consultants.

We help you to diagnose, assess and understand the skills, capabilities and mindsets that contribute to high-performing executive leaders and board members through our digital interviewing, psychological assessments, and surveys.

Every candidate goes through a rigorous assessment process starting with pre-qualification conversations where we become an ambassador for and protector of your brand.

We use our psychologist-developed assessment and benchmarking tool, which is tailored to your needs and business context, to ensure that all candidates are objectively ranked and assessed, identifying areas that present potential transition risk to your organisation, as well as their fit with the core capabilities required to be successful in the role.

Our assessments include a comprehensive suite of built-for-purpose online tools to help assess a leader’s cognitive ability, personality, work style, motivations, and values. Our assessments can ensure that your new hire will be the best cultural fit for your team to enhance your workplace performance through leading by example.

We continue to build new innovations into our process and methodology to ensure our clients receive  the best possible solutions available in the current market, and we have competitive, value-for-money fee arrangements.

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