PXP is a people consulting business who specialise in experience & performance solutions in:
Employee Experience

SX - Selection Experience

What is SX?

Developing innovative and effective attraction and selection strategies, and using industry-leading assessment tools to recruit exceptional talent. 

Why SX is important to your business

  • A defined EVP attracts 42% more culturally aligned, candidates 
  • Using predictive analytics impacts the hiring of high-quality talent by 54%
  • 74% of organisations agree that analytics positively impact diversity 
  • Psychometric assessment can predict up to 26% of employees’ potential job performance
  • 60% of job seekers report a negative candidate experience when engaging with employers

Solutions include:

  • Selection experience strategy
  • Employee Value Proposition analysis 
  • Attraction & Selection experience design
  • Assessment for selection 
  • Assessment Centre design & management
  • Selection experience, review, analysis and advisory services

PX — Performance Experience

What is PX?

Improving individual and team performance to effectively drive workplace productivity and individual and organisational success.

Why PX is important to your business

  • 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs
  • Managing performance is more important than measuring it
  • 6 in 10 business leaders do not believe their team is achieving its potential
  • When an organisation’s leaders focus on the individual strengths of its team members, the rate of engagement jumps from 9% to 73% 
  • Teams who have a greater understanding of their own and others strengths and differences are 12.5% more productive

Solutions include:

  • Review, analysis and advisory of PX 
  • PX through Organisational redesign
  • PX through capability framework development
  • Improving PX through success profiling
  • Team PX through assessment and training
  • Identification of how PX can drive EVP

LX — Leadership Experience

What is LX?

Measuring the effectiveness of leaders, across all levels in an organisation, to create leadership development experiences in order to escalate leadership performance.

Why LX is important to your business

  • Perform  group LX program 
  • Accelerate – individual or group LX program
  • Change  individual or group LX program
  • Coach – individual or group LX program
  • Assess  for development in current role
  • LX review, analysis and advisory services

Solutions include:

  • Organizations with high performing leaders are 13 times more likely to financially outperform their industry competitors
  • Organizations with high-quality leadership have up to 3 times higher employee retention and engagement to similar organisations
  • Only 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels
  • 77% of organizations report they’re currently experiencing a leadership gap

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