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At Griffith, we believe in, strive for and celebrate the Remarkable

The remarkable people who better our world, the remarkable experiences that transform people and communities, and the remarkable contributions that change the future forever.

We know success often comes from being an exception to the norm—challenging convention, adapting and innovating, creating bold new trends and pioneering solutions ahead of their time. At Griffith, remarkable is the norm.

Since we started teaching over 40 years ago, we’ve been deeply connected to the Asian region, socially conscious and environmentally aware, an integral part of the community and heavily industry focused. We’ve also become a comprehensive, research-intensive university, ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

Our teaching and research spans six campuses in South East Queensland and all disciplines, while our network of more than 200,000 graduates extends around the world.

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Griffith Digital Vision 2020

The University’s reputation as a University of influence in research, learning, and teaching will be underpinned by the innovative exploitation of emergent digital opportunities.

In placing our students first, their experience is enhanced by using rich data analytics to personalise their learning journey and their access to digitally enhanced services. Learning, research, collaboration and knowledge transfer will be facilitated through technology-enriched formal and informal spaces—merging both the virtual and physical. Technology will be a cornerstone for innovative academic program delivery.

Research will be enhanced through the seamless connection of researchers, data, tools, and support services. Access to the University’s research outputs will enrich our teaching and our students’ learning, while extending the role that Griffith plays in benefitting society.

As a sustainable university, Griffith will leverage technology to deliver digital services, systems and processes that are efficient and integrated. By building a foundation that supports access to the resources we need from any device, anytime and anywhere, we will enhance personalisation, increase productivity, and improve decision-making.


Griffith’s strategy is to be at the leading edge of digital innovation to enhance the student experience and Griffith’s reputation as a university of influence.

Key priorities of this strategy are to, through digital innovation:

  • Create scalable, authentic, flexible and personalised learning experiences for our students so that all students, regardless of physical or virtual location, are effectively prepared for employment.
  • Exploit emergent technologies to drive research excellence.
  • Provide scalable, personalised, mobile, anywhere anytime digitally-enabled services to students and staff.
  • Deliver systems and infrastructure that are secure, scalable and sustainable, whilst maximising the innovative use of technology for academic and business excellence, and the student experience.
  • Treat information as a strategic asset in support of the University.

About the role

TITLE Head of Data and Technology
POSITION LEVELExecutive contract - 3 year, fixed-term, mutually renewable - ongoing requirement
GROUP Corporate Services


Position Objectives

This position is responsible for developing and managing the University’s strategic data repositories and technology. It provides an essential foundation to support strategic and management reporting, analysis and decision making at Griffith University. The position will engage with a wide range of stakeholders including University senior executives, management and staff.

The key challenge of the role will be to translate the new Corporate Services Strategy as it relates to Data & Technology into defined projects and action-plans and implement these.

Corporate Services recognise the growing prominence of data and analytics to support greater insights, evidence-based decision making and improved outcomes. Providing multi-disciplinary insights founded on strong data is critical in order to support the University community’s sustainability. That is why we will implement initiatives to ensure consistency of University data governance, data storage, and analytical tools and approaches. We will use a strong governance framework to break down institutional data silos, improve data access and sharing, and enhance University-wide reporting.


  • Provide timely, multi-disciplinary insights and information to support evidenced-based decision making.
  • Support organisational agility and provide rigour in transformation support.
  • Create a continuous improvement culture and approach to service design and execution.

The role provides leadership to a team of self-directed staff. This is an external-facing role with stakeholder engagement, strategy development and the ability to partner with stakeholders on the journey.

Broad areas for attention over the coming year include: Data Strategy across the University Data Structure Data Governance Strategy progression and communication Data Vault standards and progression Data Warehouse and Data Lake.

Key Accountabilities

  • Lead the analysis, design, development, testing and direction of the University’s strategic data repositories to ensure strategic data and technology priorities align with the University’s Strategic Plan.
  • Formulate and further develop the University’s Data Strategy as approved by senior management, and execute activities in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • Develop and manage the data governance framework and ensure key stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities relating to data governance.
  • Lead and manage the development, performance and outcomes of a professional team.
  • Develop collaborative, working relationships with OPS colleagues, key stakeholders, executive and business owners to support the achievement of the University’s objectives around strategic use of data and technology.
  • Contribute substantially to Planning Services goals and outputs, by providing advice regarding forecasting and management of team resources, and making contributions to continuous improvements, including application of knowledge and current professional and industry trends:-
  • Lead and promote compliance with relevant legislation and University policies and procedures, including equity and health & safety and exhibit good practice in relation to same.
  • Lead and promote fair, ethical and professional work practices.


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Benefits & Conditions

Griffith is committed to diversity and inclusion for people from all backgrounds and identities and committed to the recognition, values and contribution of the First People of this nation.

Griffith offers professional development opportunities to support employees in their career progression and offers an excellent working environment that supports flexible working arrangements.

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