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Davidson Executive and Boards, in partnership with Goulburn–Murray Water, is working to secure candidates for 8 key positions within Goulburn-Murray Water's executive leadership team.

About Goulburn-Murray Water

Delivering for our region and our future

Goulburn-Murray Water is a vital part of life in northern Victoria.

Our role in delivering reliable, affordable water drives a regional economy underpinning our collective prosperity and improving the wellbeing and daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

We’re responsible for storing, managing and delivering about 70 per cent of the state’s water to a 68,000 square kilometre region. We deliver water to more than 21,000 customers including gravity irrigators, pumped irrigators, domestic and stock users, surface and groundwater diverters, urban and rural water corporations, and environmental water holders.

GMW is also delivering the Connections Project and contributing to the future prosperity of our region. The $2 billion Project is the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australia. Funded by the Victorian and Australian governments, the Project will ensure the sustainable future of productive agriculture in northern Victoria. 

The Project is generating water savings by creating a world leading delivery system that boosts irrigator productivity, helps communities thrive and fosters healthy waterways and wetlands.

We also manage boating activities at our storages, as well as commercial leases and licences for a range of facilities including caravan parks, commercial club sites and houseboats.

In addition, we operate and maintain more than 100 public recreation reserves. Our main office is located at Tatura in northern Victoria. We also have offices at Cobram, Kerang, Kyabram, Pyramid Hill, Rochester, Shepparton and at 11 of our water storage sites.

While irrigation and our customers remain at the centre of our business, our region is changing and so are we.

These past 18 months we have undertaken an extensive process of analysis with a focus on delivering our customers reliable water services at an affordable price. At the core of our business challenge is the need to identify a financially sustainable pathway to finance the costs associated with replacing, maintaining and operating an extensive network of infrastructure.

GMW is planning for the future, to adapt to a new reality impacted by external factors and uncertainties such as climate change and competition for water resource. These are both exciting and challenging opportunities for our business, as well as our customers, stakeholders and communities. 

Taking action on our future

Planning and analysis over the past 18 months has culminated in the completion of our Transformation (working) Plan, a significant milestone for our business in confronting these challenges, meeting our commitment to customers and stakeholders and achieving our Strategic Outcomes.

To date we have completed 14 of the 30 recommendations from the Strategic Advisory Panel Report handed down in January 2018. The remaining recommendations are addressed through our Transformation Plan.

What you can offer

The rapidly changing characteristics of the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID), our financial challenges and delivering on our Strategic Outcomes require a transformation to the way we lead and manage our business.

This new Executive structure has been designed to enable that change.

Our eight General Manager positions have been set up to support our Managing Director to take action on our future and deliver this change.

We need to support and nurture our people, build trust among our customer base and our partners and contribute to the future prosperity of our region and our customers. This is about setting our business up to thrive – a sustainable business equals viable customers.

We are looking for go-getters. People who can think outside the square and drive innovative solutions and action.

We need to challenge the norm and make some tough decisions along the way. While doing so, we must also live by our values of excellence, honesty, accountability, courage and care.

You will manage large and varied teams of varied expertise and skillsets and have the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills and help us pave the way for an exciting future.

This is a chance to be part of something great, to make your mark on the industry, in a business that is making change for the better of its people, its customers and communities.

​What are our Strategic Outcomes?

Safe, skilled and engaged people: We have a safe, inspiring and diverse workplace where learning is encouraged and people are supported.

Satisfied customers, trusting partners: Our customer-first culture and strategic partnerships provide benefits for our customers and communities.

Innovation, data and technology-driven services: We innovate and use data and technology to deliver efficient services.

Sustainable business, viable customers: We make long term, sustainable decisions focused on efficiency, finance and assets.

Water security and other water values are recognised: We champion cultural, economic and environmental opportunities that water provides to our communities. 

What we can offer you

We offer a diverse range of employment opportunities including customer service, engineering, construction, hydrology, finance, human resources, legal, communications and information technology related positions.

Currently, we are looking for people to fill our Executive Leadership Team, to drive our transformation and lead our people through this organisational change. 

Current Positions

Job TitleFunctionPosition Description
General Manager, Water Delivery Services
  • Customer service offices
  • Diversions Services
  • Water Resources
  • Water System Operations
  • System Monitoring (Water Planners)
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General Manager, Storage Services
  • Dam Operation & Maintenance
  • Recreation & Land Operations
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General Manager, Strategy and Services Planning
  • Service Forward Planning & Asset Design
  • Strategic PMO
  • Corporate Planning and Performance
  • Policy / Sector /Regional Development Advice
  • Information Services
  • Dam Safety
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General Manager, Infrastructure Delivery Services
  • Project Delivery
  • Field Services / Civil Works
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
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General Manager, Business and Finance
  • Finance (including Procurement & Risk)
  • Technology Services
  • Property and Facilities
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General Manager, Customer and Stakeholders
  • Communications and Engagement (including call centre)
  • Land / Trade / Licensing services
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General Manager, People, Culture and Safety
  • HR
  • Learning & Development
  • OHS / Environment
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Corporate Secretary
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Governance Advisor
  • Legal Services
  • Water Compliance
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Application Process

Step One

Before applying, please ensure that your CV (in PDF format only please) has your email address and phone number clearly on the front page of the document.

Scroll down this page and locate the job ad for the position you wish to apply for which will take you through the job page.  Click the orange 'Apply' button, attach your resume and click Submit. You will now have completed Step One of the application process.

Step Two

For a confidential discussion or further information, please contact Seamus Scanlon (03) 9929 9589 or Renee Russo (03) 9929 9507 or Jarrod McLauchlan (03) 9929 9515. For assistance with the application process, please contact Paris Plompen at

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