While there is not the demand from the banking and financial services sector being experienced in NSW and Victoria, the same data and digital transformation and business analysis talent is being targeted in Queensland but by a different sector.

With the resources sector, and to a lesser extent utilities, seeking out staff from the small talent pool based in Brisbane, wages across the board in this sector have risen steadily in the last 12 months, by as much as 20% for some roles.

In-demand skill sets

Those who are qualified and experienced in digital transformation, software developers, programmers and data analysts continue to be in demand across all sectors in Queensland driving up wages.

In the software and digital space, we have started to see unexpected movement in salary increases by at least 10% in the last 12 months driven by the shortage of skilled resources in this sector.

We recently offered a .net senior developer the highest wage we have ever been able to offer anyone in this space, such is the demand.

Areas of growth

In the same way it dominated the tech employment landscape last year, the strongest area of growth looking forward will continue to be data and digital transformation with companies moving large volumes of data en masse into the cloud.

Similarly, there are a number of change management program initiatives happening in Queensland now and a shortage in talent at the moment.

While utilities and resource companies are able to attract talent in this area with attractive salary packages, the increase in demand from the Not For Profit sector is becoming increasingly hard to accommodate.

The migration of staff from employment packages to contract roles continues to gain traction with around 60% of all our roles currently contract positions.

Cyber security 

Another strong area of growth in the last year was in the cyber security sector with companies now increasingly carving out specialist cyber security roles rather than making it part of someone else’s job description.

The increase in demand in this sector is driven in part by the introduction of new federal legislation on mandatory reporting and in part by a growing need to manage the data being collected by business.

We expect the skills shortage in this area to continue as data collection becomes ubiquitous in business and businesses struggle to keep pace.

Near term forecast

There has been a decline in demand from the government sector in the last month, largely because new Budgets have yet to be finalised.

When that is done, demand will increase quickly in Q1. We expect contractor demand, which has been impacted by reduced government demand, to continue to gain momentum from Q2.

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Allison Huff, Davidson Technology’s General Manager for Queensland

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