It’s a really exciting time to work within Queensland’s technology industry. As I sit down and write this introduction, it’s exciting to note that I have just received 26 roles in two days and the phone hasn’t stopped. This is a positive example about our industry for two core reasons – the sector is booming, and Queensland is a hot bed for top talent thanks to the many exciting projects currently under way in our state and also the work being undertaken by companies to engage and nurture tomorrow’s workforce. 

A move to contracting 

The technology industry in Queensland has more of a talent shortage than ever before. As a result of growing salaries to better match our southern counterparts and increased demand for project work, we have started to see both candidates and clients turn more and more to contracting as a way to fill demand and keep up with constant change to remain market savvy. We believe this will continue to increase with contract roles currently making up 70 per cent of our roles being filled currently across the state. In comparison, this time last year we had an even split between permanent and temporary placements. Contracts currently average around six months with trends leaning towards that being a minimum with extensions for 12 months or more. 

Large focus on BI and data and digital transformation 

We’re seeing huge growth across many spaces within our industry, particularly in the BI and data space as organisations look for a better return from their investments using extensive data analysis. Organisations are undertaking digital transformation which is a pure business transformation process and cultural change shift as organisations are better equipping themselves for the end to end customer experience. There is an increasing focus on technology’s impact on the customer journey and we are seeing the increased demand for change and digital specialists in this space. 

QLD vs southern states 

Queensland-based employers are starting to realise that, while the cost of housing is still cheaper than in the southern states, our competitive edge in terms of cost of living is decreasing rapidly. It is becoming more of a struggle to compete against the rest of Australia for the best talent based on a lower cost of living alone. In the struggle to establish a foothold in the current competitive market, more clients are moving to hosting and sponsoring events such as hackathons in an effort to strengthen their employer brand for tomorrow’s workforce and provide more benefits outside of their pay rates. We are also seeing a surge in clients partnering more effectively with their recruiters, leveraging contacts in the fast-moving candidate market in order to fill skill gaps with quality talent quickly and efficiently. 


Allison Huf 

Davidson Technology QLD General Manager