The New South Wales technology sector is in an incredible time of change and evolution and, while the industry is currently presenting its challenges, it is also possibly the most exciting time to be alive if you work in – or are interested in – technology. 

There is so much going on in the sector with developments and advances happening more quickly than we have seen before. However, the competition for talented, qualified and experienced technology staff is tighter than ever and it can be frustrating for companies wanting to find talented staff in this field unless they have a clear plan for sourcing and hiring. 

Finding (and keeping) exceptional talent 

A key challenge for the NSW sector is finding skilled software engineers across the gamut of specialisations, including front-end technologies, particularly front developers. It is very much a candidate-driven market and that means it can be difficult to find exceptional talent and, once you do, competition to keep them is fierce. Companies must be smart in their processes to attract staff who are the right cultural fit and incentivise them to stay engaged and motivated. Wages are no longer the biggest factor weighing in candidates’ decisions about whether to accept a job. Flexible working conditions and hours, interesting and meaningful work and feeling challenged are often more important to many in the tech field. 

Visa changes lead to skills shortage 

Uncertainty around changes to employment Visa programs has further decreased the talent pool for a rapidly expanding market in NSW. We must remember that due to tighter Visa constraints and the high cost of living associated with Sydney compared with a number of other international hubs, NSW may not be the preferred location for skilled software engineers. It would be reasonable to assume that as Australian employers continue to have reduced access to skilled staff from an international pool of talent, we will continue to face skills shortages for some time. Companies will try and fill gaps with more training of existing staff and utilising more contract resources, but this will not have a major impact as a long-term solution. 

Overall demand 

We have seen a sharp increase in salaries for JavaScript and front-end developers from those offered four to five years ago. IT security and cloud automation job families continue to provide a buoyant market for jobseekers with multiple opportunities available to them. There is also very strong demand for project managers and business analysts alongside data scientists as organisations look to bore into data to understand the metropolis they operate in. 

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Spencer Stirrat 

Davidson Technology NSW General Manager​