With more than $27 billion slated for infrastructure projects to be spent in the next 30 years improving Victoria’s rail system, schools, public housing and roads, the level of activity in the projects and operations space will far exceed what the state has seen in many years.

Davidson’s Projects & Operations team is ready to face the challenge of helping to staff and manage projects during the next ambitious few decades led by Tim Venn who has just been appointed to the position of General Manager for Projects & Operations (Victoria).

Tim has nearly two decades of recruitment experience to his name and is well placed to extend Davidson’s Projects & Operations presence to Victoria.

“My mission is to spend a few months building a sustainable presence and profitable business line before growing the team to have dedicated specialists in Engineering, Property and Construction,” Mr Venn said.

“Davidson is a highly successful and growing firm, which employs micro-specialists who live and breathe their sectors.  The in-house HR and technology consultancy arm of Davidson allows us to provide a much more comprehensive search capability, while providing the best platform to enhance our client’s workplace performance.

“I am genuinely aligned to the long term values based on working hard for your candidates and clients and always acting as a decent human.”

Davidson’s national Group General Manager for Projects & Operations Stephen Veness welcomed Tim to the team and said the new Victorian office was an important development for the organisation.

“There is a lot of activity in the projects and operations space throughout Australia, but some of the projects proposed and currently underway for Victoria will prove to be critical to the infrastructure of that State and cool and experienced heads will be needed to traverse this new construction frontier,” Mr Veness said.

“At Davidson, we have experienced strong growth in our sector in Queensland and NSW and we expect this will continue in Victoria, with so many projects expected to come online in the near future.

“We believe Tim’s experience, contacts, networks and knowledge of this sector will help Davidson to resource projects across the construction, energy and resources sectors, project support and contracts and procurement.

“He is a welcome addition to our team.”

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan, released in 2017 by The Department of Premier and Cabinet looks at the pipeline of projects over the next 30 years and shows the projects planned for that period are ambitious, large, expensive and complex.

Major – or “catalyst” – projects include the $11 billion Metro Tunnel to improve Melbourne’s rail transport system, more than $5 billion of investment in school infrastructure and improvements; $6.9 billion to remove dangerous rail level crossings and $100 million for the initial stages of the North East Link.

An additional $5.5 billion to be spent on the West Gate Tunnel project, $73.3 million is slotted to improve communications infrastructure across the State and a further $445 million on building high performance sport centres and major event infrastructure.

Tim has been working in the Victorian engineering space for the past 10 years after relocating from England in 2008.

“The biggest satisfaction I get from recruiting in the projects and operations space is linked to building the teams that shape the city we live in,” Mr Venn said.

“I get a thrill from helping build the teams that build Melbourne’s buildings and civil infrastructure. Many of the substations, roads, tunnels, and buildings have both an engineering and a human story behind them and I want to be a part of that.”

Outside of work, Tim is an avid squash competitor and a keen on and off-road cyclist. Tim holds a BA Hons in French and German and worked for nine years as a recruitment consultant for a boutique language specialist agency in London.

Davidson has offices across Australia within multiple disciplines, including Corporate, Consulting & HR Solutions, Executive, Projects & Operations and Technology.