My 23 years in recruitment have proven that values can't be forced

My 23 years in recruitment have proven that values can’t be forced

Published 9th June 2017 by Hayley Crealy

I can’t believe it – I’ve spent 23 years in recruitment. I started when I was 21, how anyone took me seriously I still can’t get my head around.  Pink cashmere cardigan, tortoiseshell glasses and a ponytail, I am not lying, But they did. People did buy into me, because I used the words and techniques that I was taught.

I earned more that year than I ever did as a consultant, and took it all for granted by spending every last cent.  At that stage I wasn’t changing lives, I was making money.


Those things changed – as did the industry, my technique and my values.


I survived the introduction of the internet, followed by email, online job boards, low cost entry recruiters, social media and every dreaded thing that was hyped to get in the way of my future career, but it didn’t. I am pleased to say I am still a passionate and proud career recruiter.

I joined four recruitment companies in those 23 years. The first a multi-national who gave me impeccable grounding, the second was my own start up national boutique followed by a huge Australian owned juggernaut and lastly and definitely the final move for me is Davidson.

I get asked almost daily, why Davidson? – It is pretty simple, the Davidson values that are driven from the top down are what intrigued me.

I will quote a respected colleague, Stephen Veness, Group Manager of projects and operations for Davidson in a recent Shortlist publication,

“It shouldn’t matter that values are deemed traditional or contemporary, what matters is that they’re authentic. They have to real and they have to be actioned and enacted every day”

Below is how I view the Davidson company values:

  • Beyond NowViewing our relationships with clients and candidates as long term.
  • 1 + 1 By assisting and supporting each team member we can collectively better serve our clients and candidates.
  • Heart and Humanity being proud of what we do each day.
  • Campsite 4 Going the extra mile (it derives from Campsite 4 on Mt Everest which is the last campsite climbers leave before they climb the summit).
  • Pursuit of Happiness It is the fundamental right of all human beings to be happy and that includes being happy at work.
  • Live it, Breathe It  Relationships are fundamentally driven by commitment to responsiveness, results, and rapport.

Companies introduce values because they feel they need them to be commercially competitive, but values mean nothing if they are forced. Davidson set their values, pitched them to me and have delivered on each of them during my time here.



Hayley Crealy is Davidson’s General Manager for Corporate (QLD) and has worked in the recruitment industry for 23 years.  Balancing a long and successful career while raising three children, Hayley has mastered the art of time management and patience.