End of financial year reflection

End of financial year reflection

Published 23rd June 2017 by Debbie Davis

With the end of financial year now upon us, I encourage you to take some time away from your desk to self-reflect.

Whether you do this yourself, or with your manager just make sure you do it! Self-awareness is so important – don’t just cruise aimlessly on autopilot through life.

In sport, coaches and players conduct post-match reviews after every game. What went well, what didn’t, where do they need to improve or adapt their training to prepare accordingly to beat the competition and achieve their goals.

For those of us that drive, we don’t drive by constantly looking in our revision mirror as we need to look forward, however we need to regularly check it to make sure we are on track.

So, whether you are Andy Murray or Lionel Messi and number one in sport or not, we all need to make sure we’re are evolving, reviewing and innovating in order to stay in the game.


Whilst there are many points you may choose to reflect on, here’s a list to get you started.

  • What did you set out to achieve this year?
    • Did you achieve this? What went well? What didn’t go to plan?
  • What do you want to achieve during the year ahead?
    • What do you need to do differently to achieve this?
  • Where do you get your fulfilment from work and outside of work?
  • Do you make time to do activities you enjoy outside of work regularly for balance?
  • What motivates you? Has this changed?
  • What does success look like to you, and what changes do you need to make to achieve this?
  • How are your competitors adapting in the market? Are you getting left behind?
  • Have you stopped to think if you are focused on the right things at work, or are you just busy without a plan?
  • Where would you benefit from additional training or professional development?
  • What support do you need from your manager or the wider business?
  • What behaviours or habits do you need to change?
  • When was the last time you put your hand up for a project?

Don’t forget to review and set some non-work related goals as well.

If you’ve had an amazing year, reward yourself and keep doing the things that make you successful, but check for blind spots. For the year ahead set yourself some stretch goals along the way to push you and reward yourself when you achieve them.


What do you want to be known for in FY2018?


Don’t allow yourself to become complacent, step outside your comfort zone. What is the one thing that you need to change or adapt that will have the biggest impact on your career? What is it?

Don’t leave it 12 months before you next self-reflect, continually check on your progress throughout the year.

Wishing you all a bumper FY2018!


Debbie Davis is the General Manager for Corporate (NSW) at Davidson.